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Business Planning, Budgeting, Implementation and guidance, grow income for creatives, small business or self-employed – set up or already established.

Impact driven business advice

AS Good NZ Limited is a Social Enterprise offering impact driven business advice for creatives, small businesses or self-employed, to improve outcomes for New Zealand/ers. Creatively connecting for equitable Creative, Social and Economic outcomes.

By initially utilising Alison Steiner’s skills and experience, AS Good NZ provides professional advice in a socially responsible way, including business strategy and development, budgeting and accounting, and fundraising with referrals to specialists as required. Creatively connecting for equitable creative, social and economic outcomes.

AS Good clients are primarily creatives, women, young people, disabled or those from minority backgrounds with a focus on self-employed or small business operators.

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Alison Steiner

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Alison Steiner, BCom, GradDipArts

AS Good NZ Limited
Tel: +64 21 142 0968

Why do this?

It’s personal. After many years working in a range of roles and a variety of industries, including a creative family business Alison started to transition to a new career path in 2017. Having just started a Graduate Diploma in Arts focussing on education, the key to improving outcomes for New Zealanders became clearer.

One month into her course, Alison received a breast cancer diagnosis which started a new journey, beginning with her head and body saying ‘I’m not finished yet’, however, the urgent need for medical treatment put the study on hold.

Throughout her treatment, Alison used the time to read and explore online a vast range of ideas and theories. Commanding her attention was the concept of a circular economy – covering not just environment but also social equality and equity. Although the circular economy is not new, the topic was presented in layman’s terms through the work of Oxford University academic, Kate Raworth author of Doughnut Economics, presented at UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity. See the link which includes the Doughnut Economics model and the indigenous (NZ Māori) model.

The teaching of the circular economy seems to be ignored within the economics discipline in favour of classical, neoliberal economics of supply and demand which generally excludes the economic impact on social, environment and cultural aspects of society.

These exclusions lead to inequity and inequality that are often referred to in sociology, education and politics courses, although only alluded to in(and sidelined)in economic development courses.

Having fully recovered from her treatment and resuming her study in 2019 Alison continued her interest and awareness of economic development, social justice and the need for equity and equality in the world.

In 2020, the mission was clarified to improve creative-social-cultural economic outcomes for New Zealanders, by operating a social enterprise as the business model, that is a business that uses its profits for social good, with underlying ethics and philosophy of integrity, authenticity, sustainability, equality and resilience.

This experience has evolved to AS Good NZ Ltd, ‘As’ means firstly and obviously, ‘Alison Steiner’ but more importantly, ‘A Social Good NZ’, ‘A Sustainable Good NZ’, the list of good possibilities is endless.

An example of this is the current research being undertaken by As Good NZ into transformative ways to improve outcomes for creative practice and people on benefits; offering support for pilot projects in Albert-Eden ward

I believe our personal and business philosophy ought to combine authentically, including whanaungatanga (connection) and manaakitanga (respect, unity).

What my clients say

“helpful, helped me clarify my thoughts”
“I’m transitioning off my benefit and want to set up as self-employed or get a company, how should I go about this”
“established the most successful record in achieving scholarships (in the country) for successes”
“capacity to identify opportunities and match to capabilities”
“highly developed research skills”

“skills proved invaluable”
“invaluable self-direction and initiative”
“thorough understanding of business practices. business plans. budgeting… sponsorship”
“extremely resourceful and helpful”
“goes well beyond what is normally expected to achieve desired results”

Impact drive

Sustainable Development Goals

AS Good NZ is mindful of and has an objective to contribute toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly –

  • Goal 4, Quality Education
  • Goal 8, Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 9, Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 10, Reduced inequality

Which would then support,

  • Goal 3 Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Goal 11, Sustainable Communities


  • Small Business Development (utilising specialist advice where necessary) including marketing and financial management, business planning and strategy, staff management and managing staff on a limited budget
  • Previously owned and operated a small Creative Practice/business (now sold)
  • Developing and moving a home based business to a purpose built studio and showroom
  • Developing business plans and budgets, marketing
  • Project management of Artex art show
  • Planning and development of Tradeshows and Exhibitions
  • Negotiated commissions - designing and making product for Air NZ, Auckland Museum, AMP
  • Challenged and won a copyright case
  • Property Management and financing of commercial residential mortgages, leases negotiation
  • Accounting function, using Xero/MYOB, completed year end accounts
  • Research, identify and apply for funding from funding sources
  • Feasibility Study for a Visual Arts Festival in Auckland
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Commercial Law)
  • Graduate Diploma Arts (Education, Social Justice, Development Economics)
  • Successful funding proposals and identifying opportunities for PhD, Graduate students and Academic staff. Achieved, $6.5 m over three years for Faculty of Arts


In Kingsland Community Alison helped to initiate:

  • Set up a kids music group
  • Hosting family concerts and piano lessons
  • Kingsland Eco neighbours
  • Christmas Gifts for St Vincent de Paul for distribution


Other links

The distribution of incomes across New Zealand is represented in the ‘income ladder’ opposite. (The incomes referred to here are the pre-tax incomes of individuals.) The bottom half of the ladder – representing half of the total population – earns less than $24,000. Among them are beneficiaries: those on the unemployment benefit receive $11,900 a year before tax, someone on the domestic purposes benefit (DPB) gets $17,300, and pensioners receive $20,800 each (from Rashbrooke, Inequality and New Zealand).

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

AS Good NZ is committed to supporting and developing New Zealanders

10% of all pre-tax profits will be deposited in to a microfinance facility to enable AS Good NZ clients to borrow from when no other viable option is available. This will be verified by the company accountant at the end of financial year.


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